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Get the Message Out with SMS Texts

When you send current customers and potential new diners a text message, chances are high they’ll see it. After texts are received, 90 percent of the messages are read within three minutes, according to VoiceSage. In contrast, e-mail messages have an open rate of around 20 percent, per Mailchimp statistics. The disparity makes sending text messages an attractive option, as the likelihood that they will be viewed is higher. Sending out texts can also be more personable than e-mail, providing chance to connect in a real way with customers. Effective SMS (Short Message Service) marketing, which consists of sending text messages to cell phone users who have signed up to receive messages, follows a process. To maximize a text campaign, it’s essential to plan and dedicate enough time to the efforts. Following are key guidelines to keep in mind when using SMS marketing to enhance sales and ultimately, increase profits.